Ohrievac STREND PRO IFH03-90-G, 400 V, max. 9 kW, elektrický
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The Strend Pro portable electric heater offers a wide range of applications in industry, on construction sites or in renovations. The heater is suitable for spaces, where it is necessary to achieve an increase in temperature in a short time, especially in well-insulated spaces like (agricultural buildings, garages, shops, houses, offices, cellars, warehouses).

The 9 000 W electric heater allows you to set the heat output: 3 (52 W, 4 500 W a 9 000 W). The air flow reaches 1 198 m3/h. It effectively heats space up to 80 m3. The heater has a durable construction with a stainless steel frame equipped with protective grilles and a practical handles that will make it easier for you to carry.

Napätie / frekvencia380 V / 50 Hz
Výkon (kW)9 000 W
Nastavenie tepelného výkonu3 (52 W, 4 500 W a 9 000 W)
Prúd13 -13,6 A
Material rámunerezová oceľ
Rozmery355 x 300 x 490 mm
Prietok vzduchu1 198 m<sup>3</sup>/h
Stupeň ochranyIPX4
Termostat proti prehriatiu80 °C
Výhrevný priestor80 m<sup>3</sup>/h